Favourite Edmonton and area Community and why?

 I really enjoy the Spruce Grove area. Since I moved from Ontario, I have been striving for that small town feel, and Spruce Grove is pretty close to that! I love being so close to the city, yet far enough to enjoy the slower pace of the suburbs. 

What do tou enjoy most about your job?

 I have always enjoyed helping people, I just wasn’t sure which way I wanted to "help". I have found helping others reach their goals and get closer to their dreams was definitely a great way to go. In this career, I am given the opportunity to meet new people constantly. I often strive for a connection greater than just an acquaintance; a friendship with each person I get the pleasure of meeting. 

Dream Vacation?

 The Maldives; such a beautiful place! Switzerland; the winters look incredible!

Favorite Charity

 Heart & Stroke Foundation 
6. Paying it forward. One day I was in a drive through and the person ahead of me paid for my coffee, this made my day! I decided to do the same. Since then, i try to pay it forward any way i can. I hope to be doing small acts of kindness like said, once a week. "It’s the little things that count" 

Favourite Quote

 "the past can not be changed, the future is yet in your power" or "don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits" 


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