I was born and raised in Edmonton and have lived in Leduc for 15 years and Devon for many years prior to that. Before my career in Real Estate, I spent my time working in Emergency Services as a Paramedic. I have the most beautiful wife in the world that has been in my life for over 25 years as well as 3 outstanding children and 1 Grandson (I’m a very young but proud Grandpa). My interests include teaching, traveling, muscle cars, and motorcycles. I like most sports and have a keen interest in Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Curling. 
I’m a firm believer in giving back and a with my background working as a Paramedic I’m a proud supporter of PTSD in first responders. I have made a commitment to make a donation with every transaction I do in support of PTSD. In support of this, you will see #‎IGOTYOURBACK911 as a hangar on all my signs. #IGOTYOURBACK911 is a campaign for Emergency First Responder Mental Health Awareness. Check out their website here: http://www.ivegotyourback911.com/   

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